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About TeamCards

With the same tried-and-tested timecard technology we've been using to power Moonrise in Chicago since 2018, TeamCards makes managing your employees' time and attendance a breeze.

FREE for any essential industry operating during the COVID-19 pandemic

With COVID-19 sweeping through hundreds of countries around the world, TeamCards is offering our "no-touch" timekeeping technology FREE for any essential business operating during this outbreak.

Managing your workforce is a challenge in the best of times, but with current disruptions causing unprecedented levels of unemployment and uncertainty, we wanted to give back to the world and give your managers the ability to track your hourly workforce without putting your employees in harms way with traditional on-premise timekeeping solutions.

  • Mobile-first employee clock-in interface.
  • Easy workforce managment dashboards for managers.
  • Multiple export formats of time and attendence data for your existing payroll provider.

Don't take chances with the health of your workforce, switch to TeamCards today and help us beat this virus.

Product Features

Mobile Clock-in

Let your employees clock in and out from their phones. No more congregating around an on-site kiosk or time punch.

Combat Fraud

Our innovative system uses GPS coordinates of each clock entry so that you know where your employees were when they clocked in.

Easy Integration

Our system exports time and attendence data to your current payroll system.

Simple Management

Our system combines the best of automated tools to help your managers understand the current state of your workforce.


COVID-19 Pandemic: Any essential industry (healthcare, food, distribution/logistics) can have full access to TeamCards Enterprise for the duration of the crisis.



  • Up to 15 employees
  • Timecard fraud protection
  • Exportable T&A Reports
  • SMS Alerts and Warnings
  • Multiple worksite locations
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  • Unlimited employees
  • Timecard fraud protection
  • Exportable T&A Reports
  • SMS Alerts and Warnings
  • Multiple worksite locations
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • TeamCards runs and is tested on all major devices (Android, Apple, and Windows) smartphones. We attempt to support every major device in use today.

  • Our system was developed to support the Moonrise On-Demand staffing business, with Moonrisers being sent to hundreds of different job sites. We spent years crafting a proprietary system that uses a combination of smart predictive analytics coupled with GPS coordinates and clock-in behavior to detect and prevent multiple types of timecard fraud.

  • Payroll is the lifeblood of your business, and we're committed to support every customer's payroll provider. We currently have time and attendence export formats available for most major payroll providers, but will gladly work with you to add yours if we don't currently support it. Our average time to create a new payroll integration is less than 5 business days, but please reach out if you have any questions.

Our Team

Built with love in Chicago by...

Eric Harrison


Jason Tham

Lead Engineer

Patrick Schwisow


Ryan Laurie



TeamCards is a Moonrise product. Moonrise is on a mission to change the way we look at work, whether that's providing skilled labor on-demand, or helping you with tools and services to manage your existing workforce.

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